Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Elf for the first time, Arthur Christmas - twice, 3 versions of A Christmas Carol!

So I am finally getting into the festive spirit. Been a bit of a slow burner this year in the getting excited aspects. The decorations went up after much frustration over magically working/not working after an hour putting them up!!

The present buying is underway and the shopping for food and drink is at least planned.

So, to the Christmas films. First up, I watched Elf for the first - yes, for the first time. How I managed this, I am not sure but I loved it. I actually laughed out loud several times!

Onto 3 versions of A Christmas Carol. First up - Albert Finneys version and by far the best. That followed with the newer version in an animated style voiced by Jim Carey. Then the real classic one with Alastair Sim. That one is actually scary at times - especially Marley!

Then onto Arthur Christmas which I hadnt seen. G wasn't with us, so I had to sit through that one not once but twice in close succession!!

Now I am in the Festive Mood!!! Happy Christmas!!! :)

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